River Rafting

River Rafting in Sikkim

River Teesta and its tributary Rangeet offers a series of rapids with varying intensity, and character. They offers one of the finest rafting stretches and multi-dimensional rapids. And offers a challenge to experienced rafters also.

White water rafting is a later entrant of adventure sport in Sikkim. Only the Teesta and Rangit rivers offer long stretches which are ideal for safe rafting. Teesta has been graded on the International scale at Grade 4. The icy cold waters of the rugged Teesta have a series of rapids with varying intensity and character. It offers one of the finest rafting stretches in the world. Rangit, a tributary of the Teesta, has more turbulent waters and offers a challenge to more experienced rafter. If you want to add some fizz in your life, come and get plunged in icy, crystal clear blue water of river Teesta for White Water River Rafting, which is one of the latest adventure sports in Sikkim.

A helmet, a life jacket, a pair of oars and a tiny float called a "raft” will make you hit the challenging waters of the turbulent Teesta and Rangeet. Whether you are experienced or novice, well-trained river guides will execute and ensure a safe trip for you along the river Teesta. In Sikkim, River Teesta and its tributary Rangit, offer the best routes for River Rafting. Both these rivers provide long stretches that are perfect for Safe Rafting. In fact, Teesta River has been ranked at Grade 4 on the international scale. Teesta with Its chilly waters have a series of rapids with sketchy intensity and character while its tributary Rangit, has more turbulent waters and offers a great challenges to most experienced rafters.

we offer River Rafting for swimmers as well as non swimmers in Sikkim Teesta River. For non-swimmer category, guests will be transferred to Bhalkhola, which is the starting point. After Changing the dress and putting on life jacketed, guests will be instructed do’s and don’ts and several tips for using the raft and the oars for about 15 minutes by guide / instructor and will be board on raft for set in their journey for about 30 minutes in low water. This low water River Rafting will be a great experience for lifetime. On the way, guests would be able to locate many white sandy beaches, which can become good campsites. To put succinctly, it would be apt to say that one must come and enjoy the gushing waters of Teesta and Rangit on the rafts.

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